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"A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself."

Josh Billings


Daily Visits - The Puppy Package
Perfect for puppies or for any dogs who would benefit from one or two daily visits – our visit includes outside time, play time and wellness checks.

Daily Visits - Cats and Small Critters - The Petite Pet Package
Our visits involve refreshing food and water, cleaning of cage and litter facilities, wellness checks and socialization.

Petite Pet Boarding (Birds and small animals) - The Hotel Package
We board birds and small (caged) animals in our bright and secure pet hotel, where they'll receive focused, professional and loving attention while you're away.

Puppy and Dog Training Packages
Our training program is designed not only to focus on the essentials for new puppies, but on key topics such as health and wellness and socialization – all of which lead to a happy, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your dog(s). We also provide specialized training if there are specific behavioural issues, be it with a puppy or an adult dog. Whatever your situation is, we’re happy to discuss a program focused on meeting your training needs. You may choose to register for the full program or opt for individual sessions.

We also offer specialized courses:  
Wellness and Emergency First Aid:  A one hour course conducted at your home which will give you the essentials to help keep your dog(s) well and safe.  You'll be provided with a First Aid Kit.
Enhanced Behaviour Course:  For dogs over nine months old.  This is two one-hour sessions and will address specific issues such as excessive barking, separation anxiety or reactivity.  It will provide you with the strategies that can lead to a calm, well mannered dog.
Walking Well:  A one hour session onducted one-on-one in your neighbourhood.  The essentials for a calm and focused, loose leash walk.


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