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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi


Denise is the only person we trust with our Leonberger. We use her for let out services and occasionally for boarding services. Denise is extremely professional and personable. It was difficult to find a person that we would be comfortable having in our home while we are not there but Denise has put our mind at ease. She is amazing with our dog and he loves her - which is all we could ask for.
Amanda, Ajax
October, 2018

We have had Denise come in for our cat care since 2015. It is so nice to have worry free vacations, knowing that we have a reliable and friendly caregiver coming in daily. Our cat is calm and happy when we get home, which is so wonderful.
Suzanne, Pickering
October, 2018

We have been using Denise's services for about nine months for dog-walking and occasional grooming as well as boarding and cat visits when we go away. Working with Denise has been an amazing experience! Our young lab is very strong and high energy. Through her daily walks she has benefited from Denise's training methods and her behaviour has improved significantly. Our dog loves her and we consider Denise a member of our pack. We would not hesitate to recommend Denise and her services.
Darla, Ajax
August, 2017

Like all pet owners, leaving our pets is like leaving members of our family. Relying on Denise to take care of my two cats Mick and Bowie provides me with a sense of comfort when I am away. My one cat Bowie is extremely shy but Denise was able to change him from greeting her with hissing to greeting her with purring. Knowing that she cares enough to cater to each personality of my pets provides a peace of mind that is not easy to find in other pet sitters.
Carol, Pickering
August, 2017

We have been using Denise's services for the last two years. She comes to our home to check up on and visit our very old cat. She looks after him as if he were her own. She loves and is devoted to the animals she cares for and it shows. We can relax while we are away knowing that he is in great hands. We recommend using Denise without reservation.
The Gibsons, Pickering
August, 2017

We consider ourselves so fortunate to have worked with Denise in training our two puppies and in using her boarding services as well. She is an absolute delight to work with and it was a great experience for our whole family. Denise demonstrates excellent knowledge of training methods. She’s very intuitive in understanding pets within a family dynamic. She has consistently gone above and beyond in her services, and it is apparent that she absolutely loves what she does.Our family thinks of her as the puppy whisperer and we would enthusiastically recommend her services to others. Without a doubt, she puts her heart into her work!
Debbie, Ajax
March, 2016

We are a first time dog owners and very soon after we got our puppy, the joy and excitement turned into "What are we doing wrong?!" We started reading books even before we became happy dog owners, but that wasn't enough. We knew then that we had to look for professional help and we tried a few trainers, but nothing really worked until we called Denise. Her approach with our dog, but most importantly with us, gave us back excitement and joy. Thanks Denise. Milan, Whitby
March, 2016

We've been using Denise for over a year and a half now, both for dog walking, and for dog sitting. She's great with our fur babies and updates us regularly on anything she notices we might need to be aware of. She goes above and beyond when we've had emergencies and needed someone to pop in to let them out and give them a cuddle until we can get home. We highly recommend using her, someone who cares as much about your pets as you do, if that's possible!
The Buckinghams, Ajax
July, 2015

When our daughter was invited onto the Competitive team at her dance studio, we were excited. Then we realized that it would involve travelling out of town a few weekends each year so we were worried about leaving Boomer, our beagle. Boomer is a rescue dog who suffers from anxiety separation. When we left him at home for the first time, he was so panicked that he broke out of his crate by bending the bars! So of course we were worried about leaving him at a traditional kennel. Fortunately we discovered Denise Holland (Denise’s Pet Care). Before we hired Denise, she came to our house for an “interview”. We could immediately tell how easily she and Boomer connected. And how caring she was. Although we were a little nervous our first trip, Boomer made it through with flying colours so anytime we have to be away now, our first call is to Denise. We believe that she treats Boomer like her own dog. And we, especially our daughter Gillian, love the personalized journal that Denise provides us with so that we can hear all about how Boomer did while we were away.
Thanks Denise for keeping Boomer safe and happy for us!
Sheri, Stu, Gillian and of course, Boomer, Ajax
July, 2015

Denise has been a fantastic service since we brought our two puppies home when they were eight weeks old. They’re now six months and we still need her as we both work and I’m often out of town. Having her come to our home has been such a relief and even though they’re older, it’s a long day for them without getting outside for a while. She’s so conscientious and leaves me a note every day when she visits. We also hired her for the in-home training as it’s been a while since we had a puppy and we weren’t sure about how to train two at the same time. She offers an incredible deal and will come to your home and work with the dog and their owners in their own environment. She offers excellent training lessons focusing on the dog’s total well-being – not just behavioural obedience - she includes nutrition, first aid, grooming, safety outside, and the rationale behind the way dogs communicate and socialize. I would strongly encourage you to hire her.
Angie, Ajax
March, 2014

After our daughter married and moved away, we no longer had our pet sitter. I had seen Denise driving around to clients and decided to call her and inquire about care for our cat Penny while we're away. Having been a former business owner/petsitter myself, my standards were very high. Penny and I hit it off very well with Denise. We’ve now found a great pet sitter to care for our cat while we’re away. We leave with peace of mind in knowing our much loved cat is being cared for by a great pet sitter who truly cares. Oh, and Penny loves her too!
Catherine Sutton
March, 2014

We have been using Denise's Pet Care for about six months now and are very happy with her service. She is great with animals and our dog Oscar really enjoys his walks. We really appreciate Denise's attention to detail and her journal of Oscar's walks is a great way to keep track of what he was up to. I would recommend using Denise's Pet Care.
Adam Rogers
March, 2014

In 2012 we decided to take a family vacation out of the country. We had only one cat, Theo at that time and needed to find someone that we could trust to take care of him as we would. We did our research and then called Denise. She was wonderful. She came to our house to meet Theo and to get to know us. In 2013 Denise also watched over not only Theo, but our newest addition Max during the weekend of the ice storm when we were out of town. She went to the house during that bad weather to ensure that our boys were fed, had water and had clean litter daily. That is the kind of person she is, she CARES! We would not hesitate to recommend Denise to anyone looking for a pet sitter. She is kind, loving and a true animal lover. We trust Denise to take care of our two cats Theo and Max and any other critters that come along. It gives us peace of mind to have someone as special as Denise watching over our beloved boys.
Nicole, Rob and Zach, Ajax
March, 2014

When our long term dog walker retired last year we were not sure where to go or how our dogs would adjust to a new walker. And then we met Denise. She loves dogs and takes great care of our boys. She has the patience to deal with both our senior dog and our pup. Scooter and Simon look forward to Denise’s visits each day.
Cindy, Ajax
March, 2014

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