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“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red


Our training program is conducted in the comfort and convenience of your home. It is designed not only to focus on the essentials for new puppies, but on key topics such as health and wellness and socialization – all of which lead to a happy, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your dog(s). We also provide specific training if there are special behavioural issues or if you’ve recently adopted a dog. Whatever your situation is, we’re happy to discuss a program focused on meeting your training needs.You may choose to register for the six week program or opt for individual sessions.
Specific sessions are on the following directives, or cues:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Walking Well
  • Health and Wellness

The core principles of our training are based on positive reinforcement, that is, a positive result (which includes a combination of treats and praise) for good behaviours.

It is my belief that food is quite appropriate for puppy training and where dogs are learning new tasks or behaviours after significant changes in their life, for instance a newly adopted or rescued dog. In some cases training will involve correcting inappropriate or negative behaviours. However, food reward is always used in partnership with praise and is not (and should not) be the sole means of training. The concept behind the training is teaching your pet those things that will keep him or her safe, and to keep his or her life and yours balanced by ensuring appropriate and positive behaviours. I also teach the universal hand signals to accompany these directives.

The standard length for a session is six weeks, at 45 minutes to one hour each week. The cost for an entire six week program is $210 or you can choose to have individual sessions. This option is well suited if your training need is to address a specific issue (barking, nipping, behavioural issues for newly adopted pets for example) and you do not require training for the basic cues. We ask that you register for two sessions ($70) minimum.

Prior to beginning, you will be provided with a questionnaire which will help us best understand yours and your pet’s situations and needs. We also meet with you and your dog(s) beforehand for an assessment.

You’ll be provided with a binder full of additional reading material, helpful resources and session summaries. Upon completion you will receive a pet first aid kit, and a Certificate of Completion.

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